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Aqua Alimenta

Since 1998, the Swiss aid organization Aqua Alimenta has focused on smallholder families who produce well over half of the world’s food on small fields. Using agroecological cultivation methods and adapted irrigation technology, Aqua Alimenta works with its partner organizations in Burkina Faso, Togo, the Ivory Coast, Madagascar and India to improve food security for smallholder families.

The mission

Aqua Alimenta is committed to ecological and productive smallholder agriculture in the countries of the South and to a world free from hunger and poverty in which smallholder families lead a self-determined life. They can secure food for their families, generate additional income through better yields, better arm themselves against climate change and provide important impetus for the development of rural areas.

The topics

Agroecology, irrigation technology, irrigation knowledge, local seeds and marketing of agricultural products.

The specialties

As part of the alliance, Aqua Alimenta and especially its partner organizations in the countries of the South contribute their expertise in the field of small-scale irrigation. This is not only about technical aspects, but also about irrigation knowledge, such as the water requirements of a crop in each growth phase.

The countries

Africa: Burkina Faso, Togo, Ivory Coast, Madagascar
Asia: India


Aqua Alimenta
Stauffacherstrasse 28
CH-8004 Zürich
+41 43 243 04 70

Contact person at Sufosec

Kaspar Schatzmann, Management Board


+ Millions of hectares of irrigation potential in Africa
+ million hectares currently irrigated
Zeichenfläche 1_18
Small farmers watering their cattle, Sud-Ouest region, Burkina Faso
© Aqua Alimenta
Zeichenfläche 1_19
Smallholder farmer with child watering the communal garden of her women's group, Hauts-Bassins region, Burkina Faso
© Aqua Alimenta
Zeichenfläche 1_20
Permaculture trainer in irrigation at the training center CEDAR (Centre d'Entrainement au Développement et à l'Autonomie Rural), Anamalanga region, Madagascar
© Aqua Alimenta
Zeichenfläche 1_21
Small farmer irrigating his crops, Itasy region, Madgaskar
© Aqua Alimenta
Zeichenfläche 1_22
Producer group making compost, Kendrapara district, Odisha state, India
© Aqua Alimenta
Zeichenfläche 1_23
Instructor and trainer at a Farmer Field School, Kendrapara District, Odisha State, India
© Aqua Alimenta