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Fastenaktion has been helping disadvantaged people in Africa, Asia and Latin America since 1961. The organization pursues the vision of a just world without hunger. In close cooperation with the local population and their traditional knowledge, effective solutions are developed to reduce hunger. People join together to form solidarity groups, help each other and work together to develop solutions for their future.

The mission

Fastenaktion is committed to a world without hunger, in which everyone has the same opportunities and lives in dignity. To this end, the organization encourages and supports people affected by poverty in their own initiative. Alternative forms, such as agroecology and solidarity groups, are a central pillar of its work. The projects in the countries of the South improve the independence and food security of the poorest sections of the population and enable them to adapt to climate change.

The topics

  • Right to food
  • Agroecology
  • Solidarity groups
  • Climate justice
  • Gender justice
  • Agroecology
  • Solidarity groups
  • Climate justice
  • Gender equality

The specialties

For over 20 years, solidarity groups have been at the heart of the work of Fastenaktion’s partner organizations. They are tailored to the cultural characteristics of the respective countries. Thanks to this approach, hunger is reduced sustainably and in the long term.

In the solidarity groups, members pay amounts in the form of money or basic foodstuffs into a common fund. From this, they can take out low-interest or even interest-free loans for basic needs such as paying school fees, health expenses or buying food.
Money or grain can also be borrowed in emergencies, because solidarity and security, not profit, are the top priority. Fastenaktion finances training and support for the groups, which is provided by local consultants, but does not pay anything into the coffers itself.

The countries

Africa: Senegal, Burkina Faso, DR Congo, Kenya, South Africa, Madagascar
Asia: India, Nepal, Laos, Philippines
Latin America: Haiti, Guatemala, Colombia, Brazil


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Contact person at Sufosec

Sandrine Cottier, Head of Program Development


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Kenya: Farmer Maina and his daughter Wambi on their field in Olmoran.
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Nepal: Young woman in her kitchen garden.
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Colombia: María Claudina Loaiaza, indigenous leader and seed keeper.
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