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Local Ownership

"Local ownership" - the shift of power to local players

In recent years, civil society actors from the Global South have increasingly called for more say and influence in international cooperation, with the aim of locally led change processes. The pandemic has also changed the way we work together. And the Black Lives Matter movement has boosted discussions about racism and colonialism. Local civil society should be given more scope for decision-making and action so that change processes are led and supported locally and are therefore more sustainable. This concerns aspects such as direct responsibility for implementation modalities, more equitable partnership relationships and the definition of development policy priorities and the use of resources. While the need for reform is undisputed, putting it into practice is sometimes difficult and requires a lot of dialog and joint learning.


The Sufosec Alliance attaches high priority to strengthening local ownership. Building on already strong localization practices, it has further deepened the dialogue with its partners in the Global South since 2021. In a joint learning process, the learning group has developed a background study on the topic of local ownership with RavelWorks Africa, which identifies the levers for change. Building on this, it conducted an assessment to determine the quality of the partnerships between the Alliance organizations and the partner organizations in the Global South. The two reports can be found below.

In its joint program 2025-2028, the Alliance will focus on creating more collaborative, equitable and transparent partnerships and promoting locally led practice as a key approach throughout the program. The aim is to strengthen the role of actors in the Global South, especially civil society organizations, as catalysts for locally led change processes.

"Local Ownership" baseline study, Sufosec, November 2021

The background study conducted by RavelWorks Africa Limited Kenya revealed important findings, in particular that locally led development starts with the quality of partnerships. Building and maintaining trust, meaningfulness, transparency, accountability and value creation are fundamental.


Video "Local Ownership", Sufosec, November 2021

The video conveys the most important findings and recommendations of the background study in engaging statements.
Duration 14 minutes; language English; versions with French and Spanish subtitles.

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Evaluation report "Enabled partnership"

Based on the background study by RavelWorks and the experience gained in relation to SDG 17, the report provides recommendations for promoting effective and sustainable partnerships. The assessment was conducted by Dr. Katrin Imhof Consulting in close cooperation with the Sufosec Alliance and is based on feedback from over 150 partner organizations.