Monitoring and evaluation ehupuguw 13. October 2023

Monitoring and evaluation

Impact measurement at Sufosec

The Alliance’s key challenges include continuous monitoring and evaluations to track progress in the projects – in 34 countries and with around 250 partner organizations.

In addition to direct contacts, project visits and local audits, the Alliance also developed a system for monitoring and evaluation that integrates the existing instruments of the Alliance organizations and allows evaluations at project, country, organizational and program level. Sufosec works with the tried-and-tested TolaData software for this purpose.

The program results are regularly recorded in TolaData and critically reviewed, analyzed and visualized in Microsoft PowerBI. The presentation of meaningful results serves to improve the management of projects and programs, but also to legitimize them vis-à-vis donors and specialist agencies.

Click here for an exciting case study from TolaData about the Allianz Sufosec monitoring system:


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