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Skat Foundation

Since 2002, the Skat Foundation has been working with local partner organizations, communities and networks to bring about lasting change in vulnerable and rural communities in the Global South. The focus is on improving access to basic services. This includes tailored solutions in the areas of water, waste management and renewable energy, which aim to build sustainable and resilient communities in the face of climate change and poverty.

The mission

The Skat Foundation is committed to a world in which people and organizations can learn and act together to fight poverty and contribute to the development of sustainable, diverse and inclusive societies. The Skat Foundation’s mission is to support its partners in finding, adapting and implementing solutions that meet their needs and context. In doing so, the Skat Foundation focuses its work on the areas of water, renewable energy and waste management.

The topics

  • water
  • renewable energies
  • waste management

The specialties

As part of the alliance, Skat Foundation and especially its partner organizations contribute their expertise in the areas of drinking water supply in rural areas. The Skat Foundation has extensive experience in knowledge management as well as in the creation and dissemination of Sufosec knowledge products in its areas of expertise.

The countries

Asia: Nepal
Africa: Zambia, Tanzania, Zimbabwe
Europe: Moldova, Ukraine
Latin America: Colombia, Nicaragua, Bolivia
Global reach through the Rural Water Supply Network (RWSN) and the Hydro Empowerment Network (HPNET).


Skat Foundation
St. Leonhard-Strasse 45
CH-9000 St. Gallen
+41 71 227 07 99

Contact person at Sufosec

Bertha Camacho, Executive Management


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Zeichenfläche 1_6
Water from a newly installed solar-powered water supply system in Zimbabwe.
© Africa AHEAD
Zeichenfläche 1_7
Solar-powered irrigation for smallholder farming in Zambia.
© Jacana Foundation
Zeichenfläche 1_8
Schoolgirl washing her hands in Nepal.
© Solaqua
Zeichenfläche 1_9
Urban community gardens enriched with fertilizer from the composting of organic waste in Colombia.
© Alfonso Canedo
Zeichenfläche 1_10
Training of trainers in the field of rural water supply in Tanzania.
Zeichenfläche 1_11
Farming family making building blocks with water from their hand pump in Zambia.
© Jacana Foundation