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On site – against hunger
SWISSAID has stood for solidarity and an open-minded Switzerland for over 75 years: founded in 1948 as “Swiss European Aid” as a humanitarian solidarity campaign, SWISSAID has been fighting hunger, injustice and poverty in the global South since the 1960s. Today, the non-denominational and non-partisan foundation is active in nine countries in Africa, Latin America and Asia. 80 percent of the approximately 190 employees are local experts who work with the people on the ground to help them help themselves.

The mission

SWISSAID’s vision is a world without hunger, in which even the poorest people can lead a healthy, dignified and self-determined life. The aid organization is committed to an agroecological turnaround in agriculture. It supports people in the Global South in planting diverse seeds, using the soil sparingly and marketing food independently. In this way, SWISSAID also strengthens biodiversity and counteracts climate change.

Women play a central role in overcoming hunger in the long term. Women are responsible for more than three quarters of the world’s food supply and yet are much more frequently affected by malnutrition and undernourishment than men. Breaking down outdated role models, strengthening the rights of women, especially women farmers, and raising awareness among men are important components of SWISSAID projects.

The topics

In addition to the core issues of sustainably overcoming hunger – agroecology and gender equality – Swissaid is committed to the fight against climate change and provides life-saving emergency aid in the event of food crises. SWISSAID is also committed to the fair extraction and trade of raw materials.

The specialties

SWISSAID has gained particular expertise and success in the establishment and dissemination of local seed banks. The protection and availability of indigenous varieties makes a decisive contribution to food security and at the same time strengthens biodiversity.

At a development policy level, SWISSAID represents the interests of people in the global South – locally, internationally and in Switzerland. SWISSAID provides information, raises awareness and works to ensure that Switzerland lives up to its responsibility in its legislation, economic and trade practices and consumer behavior.

The countries

Niger, Chad, Guinea Bissau, Tanzania, India, Myanmar, Nicaragua, Colombia, Ecuador


Lorystrasse 6a
CH-3008 Bern
+41 31 350 53 53


Sales in million (2022)
Employees in 9 project countries and in Bern and Lausanne

The pictures

Zeichenfläche 1
Riobamba, Ecuador. The agricultural center in Virgen de las Nieves is involved in potato cultivation with Swissaid.
© Daniel Ammann
Zeichenfläche 1_3
Chad, Cellule de Liaison et d'Information des Associations Féminines (CELIAF). Retail trade, macro-credits and goat breeding: Women in the project irrigating their fields. They mainly grow carrots and sugar cane.
© Swissaid
Zeichenfläche 1_5
Farmer shows his diverse seeds. Promoting networks for the production, exchange and marketing of local seeds in Colombia.
© Swissaid
Zeichenfläche 1_1
A seed keeper shows the great variety of her stored seeds.
© Swissaid
Zeichenfläche 1_2
TS 2/14/04, Pee M'Bang, Literacy and tailoring classes in the project's improvised school for adults, financed by Swissaid. In addition to writing, reading and mathematics, knowledge in the areas of hygiene, latrine construction and agriculture is also taught. In this way, many women in the project still have access to education at an advanced age.
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