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Alliance Sufosec

Sufosec, the Swiss Alliance for Sustainable Food Systems and Empowered Communities, is an alliance of six Swiss NGO’s for international cooperation. Their common goal is to sustainably reduce hunger and malnutrition by strengthening local food systems and communities on the basis of agroecological methods.
The cooperation has been in place since 2020, bringing together the expertise and experience of all actors in the North and South and creating synergies for the efficient use of funds. The impact is systematically reviewed and improved.
The Alliance organizations are Fastenaktion, SWISSAID, Vétérinaires Sans Frontières Suisse, Vivamos Mejor, Aqua Alimenta and Skat Foundation. They are currently active in a total of over 450 projects in poverty-stricken countries – in close cooperation with around 250 partner organizations from local civil society. The Alliance is financially supported by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) as part of its program contributions.

Current: Learning together
Sufosec is a learning organization: thematic "learning groups" maintain the exchange of experience across the organizations and program countries and continuously strive for optimization.
Result: first successes
In October 2023, the Alliance drew up an initial interim assessment of its 2021-2024 program. Some effects are measurable.
Portrait: Allianz Sufosec
Who is the Alliance for Sustainable Food Systems? What does she want? How does she proceed? Where does she work and with whom?
Sufosec is an alliance of six NGO's for international cooperation. They combine complementary skills and approaches.
The Alliance's joint program is backed by over 450 specific projects in the Global South.
Nutrition Report 2022
In 2022, the Alliance published its first nutrition report. He explains their mission and the baseline survey at the start of the program.